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Why Gamblers Tend to Bet More When They Lose?

Gambling is all about winning and losing. The one who wins is all smile and feels elated, but what about the one who loses. Not many take their loss sportingly. They don’t stop at their loss but keep playing on to end up with a bigger loss. Also, there is this voice at the back of your head which keeps telling you to play more. But why exactly do gamblers tend to bet more when they lose?

Understanding the Psychology – The Losing Streak

Gamblers do what they do because of the cycle running in their heads. Let’s try and understand the psychology behind their gambling, whether it is online slots or casino.

When gamblers lose, they feel they have the chances of winning the next slots online and win real money. Winning gives them a better judgment of their game as well as their money. They decide they will bet less in the next round but all their plans go in vain when the negative emotion of losing overpowers their better judgment.


Gambling Addiction

Gambling is addictive. Irrespective of how many times people lose, they will head back with grown enthusiasm and determination to win. Be it online slots or casino, addicted gamblers go back to try and win this one. This develops new problems for them like lying and cheating for money, borrowing more money from friends and family and even stealing on some occasions.


Buzz of Win and How to Not Get Carried Away


There is something called as a buzz of win. Studies show that the more someone loses, the more rush the person gets to bet more and try and win. There are many occasions when people have gone all in frustration and have ended up losing all of it in just one flash.

Gambling is not a bad game. It has been in existence since times immemorial. But there have been winners and there have been people who would continue to lose all the time even then. The trick is to play smart and win smart.

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Fear of Going Bankrupt and Follow a Day Quota


The only way to ensure that you don’t go bankrupt with gambling is if you have self-control irrespective of how many times you lose. You need to always remember that one small win is better than a huge loss.

Set an amount to play. Once you have finished that amount make sure you do not play any further. That should be your cap of the day which should control your expenditure. Moreover, that should be the only amount you carry in your pocket when you enter the casino. Do not carry any credit cards and ask your friends to tell you they don’t have money if you ask them.


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Believe In Small Wins – Don’t Make Gambling Your Life’s Goal

If you keep moving on after you have had your wins with the cap that you have set for yourself, you should be in control of your losses. You will ensure that not a penny is spent extra on that visit to the casino. If you lose a round, ensure that you bet less in the next round. Playing safe is the trick.

Gambling is just another game and your life doesn’t depend on it. If you lose, you lose, if you win, you win. Don’t make a big deal out of either your win or your loss. Treat it as a hobby and you should be good.