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Things to Remember After Undergoing Breast Enhancement

Getting breast enhancements is not new anymore; there are already a large number of women who have undergone such a method. There are many reasons why women decided to do enhancements on their breasts, some are for personal or beautifying reasons while there are some who does it for medical purposes.


Just like the other surgeries done in our body, aftercare procedures and recovery should be observed well. Below are common procedures you should remember after undergoing breast enhancements.


Right After The Procedure

After the surgery is done, you will be placed in a surgical dressing with support bra or support garment. Usually, the most painful moments are 48 hours after your breast enhancement procedure. The pain you would be feeling is natural since the surgery stretches your breast tissues, especially if your implants are placed under the chest muscle. But there’s no need to worry, the level of pain will gradually decrease especially if you’ll be taking up pain-relieving medications.


After the breast augmentation, you will start to feel changes on your breasts, it would start to feel more sensitive to touch and may itch on some parts of the breast, there would also be discoloration and swelling but this would disappear, and it would be hard for you to move or raise your arms.


After the anesthesia fades, you will start to feel some pain and discomfort; if it goes to the extent that it is already unbearable for you, you should contact your physician right away. It is also advised that you take time to visit your surgeon and consult them about the pains or the changes that might be bothering you.


The Outline Of Your Recovery

recovery stage

After the procedure, you should slowly take time to do little walks, this is crucial in order to prevent the risk of forming blood clots on your legs. Prevention is really better than cure – so following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions and advice is very important. You should take note about information like how you would do the draining if you have one, what type of garments you could wear, the schedule for your medications intakes, and what activities should be avoided and what are you allowed to do.

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For the first week, you may still feel stiff and sore on some parts of your chest. Your surgical dressing will be removed but would be advised to wear support bra, you will already be allowed to take a shower only once a week. Your energy will slowly get back to its normal state, however, the permission to be back at work would depend on your type of job; those jobs that needs exertion of effort or force, or those that usually ends in a tiring day would not be allowed until your body is back to its 100% state. Lifting, pushing, or pulling that causes pain should be avoided.


In the long-run, you are encouraged to have scheduled mammograms at a recommended frequency depending on your age, it is also important that you do personal breast checks and examination to check for leakages or to any changes that may signal harm.…

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How to Take Care of Your Garden Furniture

As time pass by, your furnishings may start to show signs of aging, rusts, stains, or mildew. You may contact professional help to aid you with it, or you could read further and see what you can do by yourself to beautify again or to add more years to its existence.


Basic Care

It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions, there are pieces that may require special care or at least know the do’s and don’ts while using the furniture. One of the basic things to do on taking care of your furniture is to use soft-bristled brushes and sweep of the dirt on its surface.


There are also furniture that could be washed with gentle cleanser such as dishwashing liquids; with this, use a sponge or soft-bristled brush, and warm water. Do not use chlorine, bleach, or abrasive liquids unless stated on the manufacturer’s manual. It would also be a good thing if you could store unnecessary items or cover them up when not in use.

Garden Furniture tools

Dealing With Your Woods

Most lumber made garden furniture are naturally decayed resistant, despite the existence of sealants to preserve its color, the material could survive without it. To clean it, use hot water and oxygen bleach basing on the manufacturer’s instruction for the measurement; scrub the mixture to the area and rinse.


If there are stains found or if you want to restore its color, sand along the surface with the use of fine-grit sandpaper. Oxalic acids are also known as wood bleach or wood brightener so you could use it with warm water. Though oxalic is applicable, chlorine bleach however could damage wood fibers. To protect the material from dirt, ultraviolet rays, or moisture and preserve its color; it is advised that you seal the wood with finisher.

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Maintaining Your Metal

Mental furniture are big hit, it is the most dainty material since it could be shaped and remodeled with elegant designs and accents. Despite being the most attractive, the material is sensitive to weather changes and it reacts to it resulting to rust and tarnish.


Scrub the area with mild soap, and rinse. When removing stains or molds, lightly sand it with fine-grit sandpaper then wipe clean. You could also try repainting the pieces for additional protection and beauty. For long term advantage, coat quality paste or auto wax with the use of lint free fabric for better results. Use lubricating agents for its swivels or chair glides, inspect the piece regularly to fix it before it gets worst.

Working With Plastic Pieces

Plastic furniture are also called as all-weather furniture, this material is made with numerous chemical additive including fungicides and ultraviolet stabilizers. This material is often times shaped and textured to mimic wicker, wood, or woven pieces.


Use mild soap, scrub the surface and rinse of thoroughly. You could use chlorine bleach on dealing with mildew or tough stains. Sun exposure could result to discoloration, so after exposing plastic furniture under the sun, wipe the furniture with mild soap and wet cloth.…

plastic cutting board

Plastic Cutting Board

We always wanted to try something new and we often feel like changing old ones for something interesting just like the things we use in the kitchen; like the old days, wooden cutting boards are used while we cut our meat, vegetables, and fruits. Today, there are innovated cutting boards available in the market, they come in new sizes, shape, and colors.


Plastics aren’t just used for storing food but also transformed into utensils and tools that could help us prepare our meal; from plastic wares to knives and now plastic cutting board. Cutting board is an essential tool that should be present in the kitchen, however, it does not mean that it should always look the same and is created on the same material, new types of cutting boards are presented on the market; and the new ones seems to give a fun and different touch on our kitchen.  This new kitchen innovation is also convenient because it is easier to sanitize but may also attract bacterial contamination if not cleaned properly. Plastic cutting board are more fashionable compared to the old designs,  it comes with different colors and shape to choose from.

These plastic cutting boards are non-porous and could be sanitized with the use of hot water without damaging the board itself, plus it is cheaper compared to wooden cutting board sold in the market; with its advantage as an affordable tool, you could properly organize your kitchen boards such as you could choose red cutting board for red vegetables and meat, green for leafy vegetables and fruits; in that way juices and residues from meats would not mix up with the residues of your fruits and vegetables. Another advantage of using plastic cutting board is that it may not get easily cut by a knife and may not produce deep grooves where bacteria may grow.

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